Need help putting photos into blog

I've spent most of these freezing days continuing to work on my China book. While I make the book using Adobe InDesign I am also proofreading and adding photos to my original posts. You can see them up to and including October 18. I am appalled at some of the errors I found and even more appalled by the problems I've been having putting multiple photos into that blog. There is something called a "Gallery" that I don't fully understand and can't find adequate documentation for.

I was planning to use WordPress when I teach the blogging class, but I'm having second thoughts. I can't teach something I don't fully understand. I don't seem to be able to use individual pictures and a gallery in the same post; the individual pictures show up in the gallery, also. I have so many photos I want to use just a few large ones and smaller ones for the rest. I'm sure I can put in each picture, large or small, one at a time. There is a feature allowing uploading of many pictures at one time. But I can't figure out how to get them in the post without putting the entire gallery in. Can anyone help me with this?

One of the things I like about this Typepad blog is the ability to create photo albums. I will probably take advantage of it to post my garden pictures from Japan. You've only seen a few of them.

I think I need help! Mystery title

After a beautiful, sunny few days the rains came; we got the remnants of hurricane Ike. It rained for two days and now things are flooded all around us. I moved to Carol's house, in tahe 'burbs', on Sunday, getting only a little wet. Yesterday was only gray, no rain, but the floods made it difficult to get anywhere south or east. Raja and I were meeting Karen and Kathryn near where they lived; a forty-five minute drive that took an hour and a half. I think we were lucky we got there at all. I'm using my new ultra-mini laptop to write this. I got the Asus eeepc, not my first choice, but I was getting tired of waiting and this was available. I want to make sure it works and get used to it before I get on the plane for China. I obviously did something wrong and couldn't figure out how to fix it. This thing has mysteries I have yet to fathom. I'm waiting for Raja and Sandy to pick me up and we're off to Door County.

More China censorship stuff

Here's a column by Nicholas Kristof from today's New York Times with more about blogging and censorship. I don't think it applies to my problem. All I can do is wait and see what happens when I get there.

I was able to see the Acer ultra light laptop at Best Buy today. It's slightly larger and looks much better than the Asus I looked at before. The keys are more comfortable. I hope I can make a decision on it soon. There's one more I'd like to see.

Where did the week go

I thought I was going to have lots of time in New York, but half my time is gone and I've hardly done anything. Our supposed arrival on Monday night became Tuesday morning instead. We remained near Philly on Monday and spent much of the day at Swarthmore, one of the colleges Charna wanted to visit. I can't believe she'll be going to college next year. I knew less than nothing about Swarthmore–what I thought I knew was wrong. I didn't walk around the campus with them–still avoiding sunshine–but happily sat through the info session and was hugely impressed. It sounds like a great place, although I suspect these info sessions always make the schools sound great. But they talked about things I think are important and skipped all the other things they could have said.

I got dropped off at Renee's apartment about noon on Tuesday. The Chinese consulate website said Monday and Tuesday were bad days to come, too busy, so I opted not to go. I walked down to 86th St., stopping for frozen yogurt for lunch (bad move, but one of my favorite lunches), finally getting to Best Buy where I had hoped to find the ultra light laptop I want to buy. They had one, not for sale, the last time I was here, but no more. Since then a number of others, slightly larger but no heavier, different processor, have been announced, but no one seems to have them in stock. Robin recommended this one, but I'm not happy about ordering unless I'm sure I'll get it quickly. I'm also not sure what the delay is about. My former husband was an electronics engineer. Sometimes whatever company he was working for would announce a new product and take pictures of an empty box. This is known as vaporware (love that word) and I'm a little concerned these computers are really vaporware.

Tuesday night Renee and I went to see Woody Allen's new flick. She was bored; I rather enjoyed it. There was a lot in it I related to. Wednesday morning you know about. By afternoon, somewhat cooled down, we went to the Bronx Botanical Garden. It was a wonderful day–sunny, not too hot–perfect weather for walking around. We looked at the Henry Moore sculptures and took two rides on the tram, we like it so well.

Today we will be going out to Long Island for Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, another one of those where did the time go moments. We'll be staying until Sunday afternoon.

Wonder of the Internet

Back in December I wrote a post about a church whose deterioration I’ve been watching from my fitness club parking lot, and asked if anyone had any information about it. Alice, from Wintersong, who currently lives in Salt Lake City, but once lived in Pittsburgh, replied that she would ask a Pittsburgh friend about the church.

Shortly thereafter I received a comment from M L Greene with some information about the church. Two days ago, Mage from San Diego, who posts at Day Tripper, sent me a link to some beautiful photos about the church. Although never identified in these photos, and I never before noticed the large red chimney/incinerator next to it, I couldn’t believe there were two different places with the same damage to their spires.

I drove over to it yesterday. It is the same church. The red chimney (or whatever) is behind it. The windows are boarded up, the damage to the spires continues, but the chain link fence is gone and there is a sign inviting people to come for "The Word" on Sundays at noon. So the church has become useful again, and hopefully will be repaired. Some Sunday at noon I’ll go over and see it.

Amazing, isn’t it, that people from all over the country can join together to give information.

Communication failure

In the last few weeks I have come to realize I’ve not been getting all of my email messages in the Hotmail account I’ve had for many years. So I’ve changed the address associated with this blog, and I will send the new address to my contact list. I can’t figure out a way to complain to Hotmail. They have a contact form for suggestions, but I can’t find one for complaints. I suppose that’s looking a gift horse in the mouth; it is a free service.

Mysteries of the computer (geek talk)

This is the business card I designed for the Silver Streakers World blog. Businesscrd1
I tried to put it into my previous post and it wouldn’t show up. Before I created it I consulted with the copy/print lady at Staples to make sure I brought in a file she could use. Her only instructions were about size and to make it a jpeg. She had no trouble with my file.

Because of the logo, I used Photoshop® to create the file. Since it was 300 pixels/inch I thought maybe it was too large for the blog. Went back into Photoshop® and reduced it to 100 pixels/inch. Still no luck. I tried to import it into iPhoto® thinking I could export it from there. iPhoto® refused to recognize the file format. Evidently not all jpegs are created equal.

Went back to Photoshop® and used "Save for Web." This did the trick. I’ve been thinking about it all weekend (not constantly), and was going to end the post leaving it as a mystery. But it occurred to me that Photoshop® now uses vector data for type. Evidently flattening the file and saving as jpeg doesn’t make the vector into bitmap data. The more I know, the more I don’t know.

Busy Week

Surprisingly busy, for a week with no classes. I’ve gone to the health club every day, and I’m about to go again. I drop in on the other Tai Chi class for an hour of moderate exercise. I figure that anything that keeps me standing and moving for an hour is a good thing, even though I now know this is not really Tai Chi.

One of my fellow Osher students is very interested in starting an Osher-Pittsburgh blog. He doesn’t know how to do it himself so he’s been after me to help. I think it’s a good thing, in principle, but I also think we have to be very careful about making sure we don’t claim any official status. We haven’t been blessed; in fact, we haven’t even asked for the blessing.

But we started the blog. I set it up and I’m hoping he will do most of the writing–or get other Osher participants to work on it. I’ll post a link when there’s something interesting to read.

While I was in techie mode I set up another blog for myself: Japan Journey. I am planning to go to Japan before the end of this year. After all of the studying I’ve been doing, I want to take another look at the country, the temples, the works of art. The blog will be an account of all of my plans, the resources I use to make arrangements, and finally, the trip. Right now, it only contains a list of links.

Both of these blogs are on Although similar to Typepad, it has many different features. It’s been fun exploring them and figuring out how to use them. I like keeping my techie skills polished.

I took a brief break from editing my father’s writing and instead, spent time scanning his drawings and some photographs I want to include in his book. Here is a photo of my mother and father when they got married in 1929.Wedding

I wish I had more of my father’s drawings, and I’m sorry he didn’t use materials that would last longer. The paper is getting brittle and the inks are fading. Here are a few of the drawings he put with his writing:


This is a sketch of the loghouse he lived in as a child. This was in the Carpathian mountains in what is now Poland.


This is the mill his father owned. Both he, and his sister, labeled the mill "Trochina." I don’t know if this is the Polish word for a mill, or what this means. I tried to look it up but didn’t find anything.


Finally, this is from one of his stories. He was trained as an architect and he was a superb draftsman. You can see it in this drawing.

My computer just spoke to me

and I’m in shock. I knew it could do that, but I don’t know what I did to make it happen. It has a very cultured woman’s voice, not mine. It said, "Please type your message in the text box and let me say it." There was no text box and why would I want to hear it anyway  if I could type it in? Eli, any ideas?

Techie Time

Yesterday was Podcamp day. I feel like I’ve been losing it where new technology is concerned and this seemed a good way to do some catching up. I learned about making podcasts, starting a wiki, editing video and posting it to the internet, and RSS feeds. I don’t fully understand any of this, but at least, I’ve made a start. I was probably the oldest and only elder at this "unconference." I knew ahead of time this would be the case and had some trepidation about attending. But everyone was friendly and took me seriously so it was a good experience. I think Pittsburgh is special; I’m not sure it would have been so good in New York or Chicago.