2 thoughts on “Family Stories

  1. Hi there and a Happy Chanukah!

    Yesterday was the first time that I got to read Charna’s book. How amazing was it to discover that the the yartzeit of of her mother (and my great-great-great-grandmother) is today, 26 Kislev. I shared this info with my whole family. Thanks for all of the interesting material.

    Yitzchok Kranczer, son of Chana Sara, daughter of Avrohom Moshe Reiss, son of Chaskel, son of Ata Necha, siser of Charna Rieger

  2. Hi Ruthe,

    I am Shana Bell Erenberg, Mary Bell’s daughter. Leon Schechter sent me some old videos that his son digitized. He would like to send them to you. Do you have an email address?

    I really enjoyed reading the stories about Charna Reiger, Maurie, and Flo. Interestingly, my life has taken a similar trajectory to Charna, my great-grandmother. I have some memories of Uncle Maurie, Aunt Bea, Aunt Flo, and a few of the others. I love reading about Rifka, my grandmother. Thank you for memorializing these stories. I would love to be in touch with you.

    Best Wishes,


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