Techie Time

Yesterday was Podcamp day. I feel like I’ve been losing it where new technology is concerned and this seemed a good way to do some catching up. I learned about making podcasts, starting a wiki, editing video and posting it to the internet, and RSS feeds. I don’t fully understand any of this, but at least, I’ve made a start. I was probably the oldest and only elder at this "unconference." I knew ahead of time this would be the case and had some trepidation about attending. But everyone was friendly and took me seriously so it was a good experience. I think Pittsburgh is special; I’m not sure it would have been so good in New York or Chicago.

3 thoughts on “Techie Time

  1. We PodCamp organizers are very glad you came out to PodCamp because we know the conversation about new media can’t (and shouldn’t) be confined to a specific generation. Everyone has valid questions and ideas, and by getting together in the same room, we hope differences in age, race, gender and interests fade away as we all realize we’re in this new media space together.
    And besides, half the tech stuff goes over my head too…
    Good luck, and if you need help, just ask any of the 160+ attendees who will be happy to give you a hand!

  2. I am really impressed. You have already forgotten more than I’ll ever learn in this whole teckie diorama–and you continue to surge ahead.

  3. I didn’t get a chance to say hi – but was so glad to see you there, across the room! (I had seen your name on the sign-up wiki.) Do you ever go to the Pittsburgh bloggers meetups? They are also an enthusiastic and an inclusive bunch. The site is and is a directory of 500+ Pittsburgh blog listings. I think the site has an email link where you can submit your site, and they will add you to the list. Anyway, great to see you there, and next time I hope we can talk!!!

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