Mysteries of the computer (geek talk)

This is the business card I designed for the Silver Streakers World blog. Businesscrd1
I tried to put it into my previous post and it wouldn’t show up. Before I created it I consulted with the copy/print lady at Staples to make sure I brought in a file she could use. Her only instructions were about size and to make it a jpeg. She had no trouble with my file.

Because of the logo, I used Photoshop® to create the file. Since it was 300 pixels/inch I thought maybe it was too large for the blog. Went back into Photoshop® and reduced it to 100 pixels/inch. Still no luck. I tried to import it into iPhoto® thinking I could export it from there. iPhoto® refused to recognize the file format. Evidently not all jpegs are created equal.

Went back to Photoshop® and used "Save for Web." This did the trick. I’ve been thinking about it all weekend (not constantly), and was going to end the post leaving it as a mystery. But it occurred to me that Photoshop® now uses vector data for type. Evidently flattening the file and saving as jpeg doesn’t make the vector into bitmap data. The more I know, the more I don’t know.

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