Wonder of the Internet

Back in December I wrote a post about a church whose deterioration I’ve been watching from my fitness club parking lot, and asked if anyone had any information about it. Alice, from Wintersong, who currently lives in Salt Lake City, but once lived in Pittsburgh, replied that she would ask a Pittsburgh friend about the church.

Shortly thereafter I received a comment from M L Greene with some information about the church. Two days ago, Mage from San Diego, who posts at Day Tripper, sent me a link to some beautiful photos about the church. Although never identified in these photos, and I never before noticed the large red chimney/incinerator next to it, I couldn’t believe there were two different places with the same damage to their spires.

I drove over to it yesterday. It is the same church. The red chimney (or whatever) is behind it. The windows are boarded up, the damage to the spires continues, but the chain link fence is gone and there is a sign inviting people to come for "The Word" on Sundays at noon. So the church has become useful again, and hopefully will be repaired. Some Sunday at noon I’ll go over and see it.

Amazing, isn’t it, that people from all over the country can join together to give information.

3 thoughts on “Wonder of the Internet

  1. That’s what I love about blogging and computering in general. I’ve met so many great people, and continue to learn new things all the time. I just can’t understand all the old-agers I know personally who hate computers and all they stand for!!

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