Artist, retired teacher,  still trying to keep going at 82. I decided I needed a goal. I counted up all the artists books I’ve made and/or remembered and got to 41. My list also includes current owners and at this time, I’m working on number 62. So from now on this blog will be about the books. I plan to include photos, stories about the why and how of the booimg_0751ks and how they are made.
I have always been interested in beautiful, interesting books. Even as a child I was always looking for the best illustrations, the most colorful book. At the age of 16 I had a subscription to Flair magazine, the publication that most satisfied my quest. I wish I had those copies today. It is still probably the most amazing thing ever published. I didn’t understand what it took to publish it at that time. There were no computers and probably no six-color printing presses. I don’t know how the die-cuts were made. I never thought about die-cuts. And were there machines to assemble all the different papers, or was that done by hand? Today I understand much more about the printing process. Perhaps I will also cover some of that.
My books do not come close to my ideal, but they bring me as much joy.
Interests: Japanese gardens, photography, artist’s books, fabric arts
Habitat: Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh.
January 15, 2017

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