Where did the week go

I thought I was going to have lots of time in New York, but half my time is gone and I've hardly done anything. Our supposed arrival on Monday night became Tuesday morning instead. We remained near Philly on Monday and spent much of the day at Swarthmore, one of the colleges Charna wanted to visit. I can't believe she'll be going to college next year. I knew less than nothing about Swarthmore–what I thought I knew was wrong. I didn't walk around the campus with them–still avoiding sunshine–but happily sat through the info session and was hugely impressed. It sounds like a great place, although I suspect these info sessions always make the schools sound great. But they talked about things I think are important and skipped all the other things they could have said.

I got dropped off at Renee's apartment about noon on Tuesday. The Chinese consulate website said Monday and Tuesday were bad days to come, too busy, so I opted not to go. I walked down to 86th St., stopping for frozen yogurt for lunch (bad move, but one of my favorite lunches), finally getting to Best Buy where I had hoped to find the ultra light laptop I want to buy. They had one, not for sale, the last time I was here, but no more. Since then a number of others, slightly larger but no heavier, different processor, have been announced, but no one seems to have them in stock. Robin recommended this one, but I'm not happy about ordering unless I'm sure I'll get it quickly. I'm also not sure what the delay is about. My former husband was an electronics engineer. Sometimes whatever company he was working for would announce a new product and take pictures of an empty box. This is known as vaporware (love that word) and I'm a little concerned these computers are really vaporware.

Tuesday night Renee and I went to see Woody Allen's new flick. She was bored; I rather enjoyed it. There was a lot in it I related to. Wednesday morning you know about. By afternoon, somewhat cooled down, we went to the Bronx Botanical Garden. It was a wonderful day–sunny, not too hot–perfect weather for walking around. We looked at the Henry Moore sculptures and took two rides on the tram, we like it so well.

Today we will be going out to Long Island for Hannah's Bat Mitzvah, another one of those where did the time go moments. We'll be staying until Sunday afternoon.

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