I think I need help! Mystery title

After a beautiful, sunny few days the rains came; we got the remnants of hurricane Ike. It rained for two days and now things are flooded all around us. I moved to Carol's house, in tahe 'burbs', on Sunday, getting only a little wet. Yesterday was only gray, no rain, but the floods made it difficult to get anywhere south or east. Raja and I were meeting Karen and Kathryn near where they lived; a forty-five minute drive that took an hour and a half. I think we were lucky we got there at all. I'm using my new ultra-mini laptop to write this. I got the Asus eeepc, not my first choice, but I was getting tired of waiting and this was available. I want to make sure it works and get used to it before I get on the plane for China. I obviously did something wrong and couldn't figure out how to fix it. This thing has mysteries I have yet to fathom. I'm waiting for Raja and Sandy to pick me up and we're off to Door County.

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