May 19

Ate Beaver Bread for breakfast. I bought three small rolls. One was filled with some kind of jam. I ate around the jam. The bread was great, easily number one here or at home. The second roll was chocolate chips with nuts. Yum. Third one for tomorrow.

We went as a group to two museums and an art supply store. Lots of walking again. Just barely getting to know people, but great so far.


Haven’t stopped walking. That total includes lots of museum shuffle. Much more exhausting than real walking. Fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

First thing we went to the Mori Art Museum for a show of contemporary Japanese Art. The show was called Connexions and featured the work of mostly young artists and their connections to the past, to current events and to technology. Some of it was very moving and thought provoking. One of the best shows I’ve seen recently.


Definitely is an obsession with cats.












Alongside the art museum is something called City View, which lets you overlook Tokyo from almost 360 degrees. It’s an amazing panorama and really shows the beauty and density of the city. I was awed.

Our second museum visit was the Ota museum for a show about Hokusai and his vision of Mt. Fuji. So lot’s more ukiyoe. This was in Harajuku where we had to cope with the Sunday crowds. After the museum I had a little more time to wander around to the wonderful mirror kaleidoscope and take more pictures. It’s also the best place for people watching.

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A visit to a large art supply store finished up our evening.

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