Back in Tokyo

My workshop begins tonight at dinner and to meet everyone. I’m already installed in my own room in the Citan hostel in Tokyo.

I got here about 2pm after a two and a half hour train ride from Matsumoto. After I checked in and left my luggage I went for a walk here in the Nihombashi area. It’s very quiet and I didn’t find much of interest, but on the map was something called Beaver Bakery. So, with great difficulty following the GPS on the phone I came to a small line in front of an almost unidentified shop. It was the only thing around and sure enough, it was Beaver Bakery. I went in and bought 3 items.


The line was gone by the time I took the picture.

To understand bread in Japan think of Wonder Bread, only fluffier and more squishable. The things I bought don’t squish. Haven’t tasted anything yet. Tomorrow. It seems that Beaver Bread is famous. There is even a book about them, in Japanese, of course.

Went out for dinner with the workshop group. I think this will be another good one.

1 thought on “Back in Tokyo

  1. Hmmmm how was the pastry from the Beaver Bread bakery??? Squishy? Yummy? Hope you got some rest before starting your workshop? How was the first day?

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