I reached the limit of what I will do for art . We took a bus from Tokyo to the workshop site where we will be staying for four days and living for five nights in a true, rustic old Japanese inn. I am lying on 3 futons on the floor. That’s not the problem. I can get down. Getting up was the issue. It took me 10 minutes to move around to where I could finally lift myself up. Also Japanese pillows are filled with something that seems like small bits of gravel, probably beans of some kind. So they have now arranged for Gail, my friend and roommate and I to move to a hotel. I feel bad about this, but I’m not sure I would have survived four more nights. I’m very grateful.

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Monday morning, before we left Tokyo, we visited Ozu Washi, a great paper store. I didn’t buy anything but I will have another opportunity before I leave. 

We also stopped in a brush store where they are actually making brushes. They had every kind, from toilet brushes to wonderful paint brushes. Again I didn’t buy anything. My suitcase was already full.


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