Still working on the book


I'm really a big picture person. I always grasp the overall ideas easily, letting the details float around in the air, often not finishing whatever I had started. So the idea of a tunnel book was no problem. The reality has become a huge challenge and I'm cursing all the way, but determined to do it. 

I began this fourth iteration by printing out all of the pieces, I thought.There are seven finished pages comprised of twenty separate pieces glued together. (I'll explain with pictures when I've finished the book.) Six sides have 24 separate pieces. My caveat when I said 'I thought' I had printed everything out was because I went back afterward and decided to change the last two sides. This is after figuring it all out (?) on the computer.

I drew a little diagram making decisions about how the pieces will be glued together and started to mark the pieces, but never finished because that was more detail than I could handle. Each of the 44 pieces, 6×9 or 6×6, had to be trimmed from the 8.5 x 11 card stock, maintaining tabs on the outer side pieces. Fortunately I have a new paper cutter; the old guillotine style would have been impossible, but even so, it took me most of a day. I try to do most of this in the morning; by evening I know I'll screw up.

In spite of my aching hands and tired legs (I prefer standing when I do this), I enjoyed the cutting. It made me think of my childhood when I loved cutout books. I never played with dolls, but I liked cutting out the dolls and clothes. I thought my inner child was dead, but maybe it was only comatose.

This morning I started glueing and am now taking a break while I wait for the glue to dry. I'll finish this story tomorrow or Saturday. That's as many details as I can handle in one post and it's lunch time.

3 thoughts on “Still working on the book

  1. P.S. By the way, I’m glad to see the old comment style. For the past couple times I’ve stopped by and tried to make a comment, there was no “post” button available, and I never got around to letting you know. Were you aware there were any problems?

  2. Atta girl! I love your determination and spirit! I haven’t had any experience with tunnel books but it sure sounds like a grand creation to me! (Something my very creative and talented younger daughter might do; she’d certainly understand it.) I’m looking forward to the finished project.

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