All about glue

or as much as I can bring myself to write. I dislike glue almost as much as all of those details. I'm beginning to develop a technique, but it's still a challenge; either too much or too little.Too much soaks into the paper and you get streaks in solid color areas, like the sky. Too little and there are gaps between the sheets. Here you can see one of those gaps and the blue in the last page is streaked.

I tend to forget what gets glued to what. This is the second iteration. Each page has been glued to one other page, but when I got to page three I should have glued to two pages, one before, one after, and I forgot the after pages.

I did it again in the third iteration, but caught it before the glue was entirely set, making for a sloppy joint, but I wanted to see the entire thing put together. I finished on Friday and have spent the weekend trying to figure out how to do it better.

I went over to Staples to look at printers and paper (card) stock, and had a funny experience. The copy center has books of paper samples. When I looked at the samples I knew they had labeled them incorrectly. So I told this to the young man behind the counter. He was very nice and took me over to the paper stock shelves where he opened two different reams and then concluded I was correct. Evidently he had been stung by the mistake and hadn't figured it out. He thanked me for teaching him something. I hope what I really taught him was that old ladies often know what they are talking about. I bought a ream of something they labeled 110 lb. cover, but I don't think it is. It just happens to be the heaviest, brightest stuff they sell. I decided not to get a new printer, but bought more ink instead.

I still have lots of thinking to do. Next post I'll have pictures and the redo plan.


4 thoughts on “All about glue

  1. Yes, mam. RYN: Yes, I have made a note of all your reccomendations, and I think you had suggested Gino’s first. If it is close to the hotel, we will try that one first. Yes, we have an Uno’s here, and i love there Pizza.
    So sorry my ideas were only temporary and would damage the art too. Darn. Are there any of the new double sided tapes available? Just thinking out loud. 🙂

  2. Both wax and rubber cement are only for temporary use. Rubber cement eventually discolors the paper and actually stops being sticky. Unfortunately, I discovered this from bitter experience. Wax is nice but you cant use glue over it. So its glue, glue, glue, wet glue.

  3. Wax. Rubber cement. Both those are the first graphic art “glues” I ever met. Mother used to paint the backs of things with rubber cement then when they were dry, attach one to another. Me, I was of the wax era. The photographic computer images rolled out of the printers, were run through a waxer, and put together. No waiting to dry. No fumes. You stirred up my memory hoping there was some temporary way you could tack it all together before the final glue.

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