Term Paper, again

I finally finished revising the paper, using all those comments from my professor. It's much better than it was, although I don't think it's great. Anyhow, I'm finished. You can find it on my other website here, or download a pdf: Download Term paper 2.

On to better things. I'm still enjoying the music class. A different player from the Pittsburgh Symphony has visited us for each class, and it's been a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, Monday is the last one. I just hope they'll do it again soon.

The groundhog should be ashamed of himself. It snowed earlier this week and again today. I think next year I'll try to go away in February. It's really a bad month for me.

5 thoughts on “Term Paper, again

  1. Glad about the classes, but yes it is time to spend the winters where it is warm. I couldn’t sleep last night I was so cold….yet couldn’t fully wake. We were so silly.
    We’d pulled the covers so tightly over us that there weren’t any. You just get warm.

  2. Six more weeks, Ruth! It’s still cold here but the sun coming through the kitchen window this morning felt a little more springlike for some reason. I can hardly wait! Glad you’re enjoying your music classes.

  3. Never got to the NY Philharmonic, frequently went to CSO and probably get to Pittsburgh Symphony somewhat less often. I keep resolving to get there more often, they are a wonderful orchestra, but, in my old age, Im not so happy about going downtown at night. I still get lost in downtown Pittsburgh and its worse at night.

  4. Do you ever get to the Pittsburgh Symphony? (And were you a CSO fan when you lived in Chicago? Or what about the NY Philharmonic?) I’m finding that CSO is one of my favorite cultural activities.

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