Rain, rain go away

I didn't know whether to title this "Rain, rain" or "Groundhog is a liar." I keep thinking spring will come, and I'm sure it will, but it gives a little hint then produces an icy rain with snow in the forecast. I've made a new year's resolution. I know, it's a little late for new year's, but this is for next year: I will go south to warmth and sunshine for at least a week in the middle of next February. I have cousins in all the warm states. Next year, I'll find out who loves me enough to put up with me for a week.

I am taking part in a research study about cancer, Ashkenazie  Jewish women and the BRCA mutation that predisposes for breast and ovarian cancer. This is really easy. I just finished filling out the paperwork and when I finish this post I'll go spit in the tube and get the whole thing ready to return to the researchers. If you are interested in helping with cancer research, sign up for the Army of Women. (You don't have to be Jewish or to have had cancer.) There are many studies looking for subjects and this is a database sponsored by Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women. You will receive emails describing the research. If you qualify, you can sign up. I learned about this from cousin Barbara, and I'm happy to be able to help. Maybe they will find out something useful from me. Many of the members of my father's family died of cancer, but neither he nor I, so far, have had it. I spent most of my life waiting for it to come to me. It was almost a relief when I got my cardio-vascular problems. I know it won't keep me from getting cancer, but it's something else to think about (and, I think, an easier death).

I've been tracking the weather in Japan. Today doesn't look promising; it's colder than Pittsburgh and rainy. I wasn't planning to take a winter jacket–I hope I won't freeze. I had to wait a half hour for the bus today, and it's taken me several hours, a cup of tea, my space heater and turning up the heat in the house, to finally get comfortable. At least the buses run on time in Japan.

1 thought on “Rain, rain go away

  1. Yes, take a winter jacket. 🙂
    You can always peel away layers and stick them in your backpack during the day. I do, anyway. Good to see you posting today. I miss you when you don’t. Yes, too, March is a good time to study gardens in the southern warmth. 🙂

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