No, the groundhog didn’t go walking with me

They aren't keen on sunshine. Today was supposed to be up in the 50's. Maybe it got there between 1 and 1:15, but it was cold by 3 o'clock. I know spring will come but it won't be soon just because that animal didn't see its shadow.

On another subject entirely, I keep thinking about this poster.

I saw it in a window in Kentucky when I was down there. It's a simple message: buy your tickets for this special horse show, because you won't have another opportunity next year. Of course, I think of it a little more broadly. I liked it so well I asked Raja to get me a copy, and being a wonderful friend, she did. I know she thought this was just another example of what she sees as my pessimism. We've had a few discussions on the subject. I see myself as a thoughtful realist; she doesn't agree. I guess she thinks I wanted it because I don't think there will be a next year for me. Truth is, it reminds me to do things now, not postpone them. It's a good message.

4 thoughts on “No, the groundhog didn’t go walking with me

  1. Yes, that first excuse….reason is negative. The second is acceptable. Alice is back. 🙂 There will be next years for all of us…..perhaps it’s called “staying in the now.”

  2. Hi Ruthe! I’m just catching up with my blogging friends. I see you’re planning another trip to Japan? Hope to hear more about it soon. I’m sure you’re excited about it.

  3. I recognize that cat in the window…. S/he’s in one of my photos from a visit to RAJA, too. That cat has a tough life, keeping up with the hubbub on Georgetown’s Main Street.

  4. Correction–I do think there will be a next year for you. The poster it’s a good reminder to live in the moment, which I tend to do, in an optimistic way!

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