Finally — THE PAPER

I was determined to have it posted before the end of the year, so, I'm feeling very pleased with myself. I made the first round of revisions, suggested by Steve, and I'm much happier with what I've done. I really needed his help. You can download the paper, as a PDF file under my picture in the sidebar.  Or, you can see it online at a new blog I've started on WordPress. Visit it here. I'll be using that blog from time to time and let you know about it here.

3 thoughts on “Finally — THE PAPER

  1. Dear Mage,
    Thank you for your great comments. Im glad you enjoyed the paper. As for a clear thesis statement, (that doesnt exist) thats what gave me the most trouble. I had the photos, and a lot of information, but really didnt know where I was going with it. Also, the photos were taken without any clear idea; just places that caught my attention. I think this next trip will be much different. I didnt find the Slawson book, which was very important, until I began writing. It really changed everything, and I recommend it to you. I didnt know the Japanese gardens were such an influence in the west, and Im not sure what their status in Japanese culture is today. Most of the people visiting in the gardens were older. I think, even more than in our society, there is an enormous divide between younger and older people. Or maybe I just notice it more there.
    Thank you for reading my work. There is something very special about knowing someone Ive never me in person has read it. Hugs to you.

  2. Dear Ruthe……that is some project. Wonderful stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed my several readings. I learned vast amounts and hope I can retain a drop or two of the information.
    The only thing that slightly bothered me about the paper is that there is no clear thesis statement telling us that tho originally a elitist art form, the gardens have now become cultural icons unique to every layer of Japanese society.
    Yes, I know this is a wonderful overview not a history, but these gardens were an influence on Brown in the UK, and Downing or Olmstead here.
    Thank you again………..hugs too.

  3. Good morning and happy new year to you. I went over and peeked at the paper. My, it is a major work of art. I’m applauding here. Bravo. I’ll read it later in the day after my own puttering. Hugs to you.

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