One dream, big plans

The sun rose at 7:44 this morning. The radio began talking to me at 6:59. I hate getting up in the dark, so I didn't. The radio told me it was 22 degrees out and wasn't likely to get warmer. I burrowed deeper into the covers and went back to sleep. The radio stopped talking to me at 7:59. I had a vivid dream about Marcia, a long-time friend who finally pushed the boundaries of friendship too far, and whom I haven't seen for seven or eight years. In that time, I moved to Pittsburgh and her studio in Chicago was emptied and sold. I don't know what happened to her; sometimes it makes me very sad. It's hard to lose a friend, even when the friendship had become onerous.

On a happier note: I am planning my next trip to Japan. I will leave Pittsburgh on March 22 and return on May 7. Six weeks ought to be long enough to satisfy my Japanese garden obsession, I hope.

1 thought on “One dream, big plans

  1. Oh wonderful. Back to Japan and it’s gardens. Thanks to you, I’ve recommended to several friends that they see these gardens. If it was not for you, I wouldn’t know a thing about these wonderful places. Will there be any snow remaining in March? Looking forward to this!!!!!
    Yes, over the years I have not happily parted with two long time friends. One dumpt me saying I was toxic. Sometimes we just grow apart. Another married an alcoholic. I miss that last friend but not her new husband.
    Hugs to you and yours.

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