Exercise–body and mind

I just returned from the second half of my exercise program. When I went yesterday I started to get a twinge in that bad muscle as I got halfway through the treadmill portion. I managed 10 minutes on the rowing machine then did my upper body exercises and went home. I didn't want another three days of limping. Today I finished the treadmill, the elliptical and the leg machine exercises. Wednesday I'll go back to the whole routine.

Steve read my paper yesterday and made some really helpful suggestions, so I've spent most of the day making revisions. I just have a little more to do, but this is my low time of day so it may not get done until tomorrow morning.

Here is a picture of the finished folded book, along with a detail. I don't love it, but I love the idea. I'll try again.

I curled the end papers, capped them with empty silkworm cocoons, fastened them down with bone beads and glued feathers over the scroll shape. Cocoons and feathers were supplied at the workshop. The workshop teacher did some elaborate embellishments, but I guess I'm more into form.

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