Christmas wrap…. up

Hope everyone has a great holiday and a wonderful new year. We had our usual Shabat dinner last night, but it was extra special because good friends joined us and Charna was there. She always makes it special.

I lost the limp today and my leg seems to have regained a full range of motion. I still have some twinges so decided not to go to exercise today. Tomorrow, I promise. (I've said that for two days now.)

The paper is finished. I brought a copy for Steve to read and hope Charna will read it also. (Robin, too, if she wants) As soon as I hear from them, I'll post it. I'm happy to have it off my plate.

I've made a tentative reservation to go to Japan in March. I want to make a few changes, then I'll get the ticket.

Next up: back to the folded book.

3 thoughts on “Christmas wrap…. up

  1. Glad you had a happy holiday with the family and friends. Very glad to read that the paper is done and you can move back to hands on art. I’m looking forward to reading the paper with great enthusiasm.

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