Never complain about boredom

Last night, after writing about having nothing on the calendar, and after doing more work on the paper, I stood up from my chair and one of the muscles behind my left knee spasmed; I could barely walk. I'm still in pain and barely walking today. It's given me a lot to think about–mostly about how fast you can go from great to terrible.

I was feeling wonderful yesterday. I walked down to Squirrel Hill (about 2 miles) and still felt wonderful. Of course that my have been the cause; it was a cold walk. So, today will be the first time in months I break my exercise routine. If I can get there tomorrow, it won't be too bad.

I'm writing this in bed with my feet up, hoping some of the swelling will go down. This has never been a comfortable position for me so I'll see how long it lasts. Years ago I read a story about someone  staying in bed and working; telephone and coffeepot on a table next to the bed; small refrigerator nearby; you get the picture. Actually, this was before computers, so I guess it was just pencil and paper. It sounded good to me, but I never got there. Bed was always for sleeping or sex, nothing more.

3 thoughts on “Never complain about boredom

  1. I like to lie in bed and watch food shows on television…I’m more about planning to cook than actually cooking. Did a lot of that during the post-chemo-bellyaches.

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