Snow day 8

More snow on the ground when I woke up. Unceasing snow, with the exception of a few minutes here and there, all day. Thankfully not much accumulation; didn't have to clean the car after four hours parked outside. This has been a lost week. Thursday morning I had to go for a blood test (Coumadin). I got to the lab with only a few minutes anxiety on a bad street, then couldn't park. Went to the Giant Eagle inside parking and walked back to the lab, about a block away. Hazardous walking, for the most part. Spent some money at the store, went home, got stuck pulling into my driveway. Very embarrassing for this former Chicagoan. I have great neighbors; three of them came and shoveled me out.

Friday I trekked out to Squirrel Hill for an appointment I was supposed to have on Wednesday. I was warned about trouble parking. Left the apartment at 11:30 for my 1 pm appointment. Walked on the street to the Penn Ave. bus stop. Snow piled so high couldn't get to the stop. Too much traffic to remain on the street. Another hopeful passenger helped me climb the snowbank. Her bus came, not the one I wanted, leaving me standing two feet above the pavement with no idea of what to do. Had my walking stick, useful for the most part, but only minor help standing on top of this mountain.

Bus came twenty minutes late and I managed to get on. Felt like an acrobat. Got off more than a mile from my destination; started walking, first half mile in the street. Missed the next bus, by minutes, continued walking. Sidewalks in the business section were mostly cleaned off, but not where shops were empty. Still some walking in the street. Arrived about 10 minutes early for my appointment. This would have been a ten minute drive if I had been able to park.

At least two feet of snow in my front yard.

Missed the bus again; started walking back. Waited 20 minutes at the transfer point. Decided to take a different bus and go to a 4 pm appointment at CMU. No point in going home. Arrived an hour early; started walking to the library. Way too difficult; sidewalk almost impassable. Walked to meeting point, got a cup of tea, just sat around. Got a ride home.

Icicles hanging from the roof are really horrible. Everyone worries about their roofs. My phone line is probably at risk. I don't care so long as it doesn't take my internet access with it.

Snow piled on the bushes.

Most of the streets were finally clear today; parking is still awful. It's taken eight days to get to a merely passable state. Mountains of snow are everywhere. I hope the mayor of Pittsburgh knows that one of the mayors of Chicago lost his job because of poor snow removal.

6 thoughts on “Snow day 8

  1. We are sick of snow too. Thursday, our back porch fell down. We were worried about the icles and the gutters too, until we looked in the back. It must have fallen down while we were in classes. Nobody hurt, at least.

  2. Thanks, Alice, for your kind offer. Don;t forget, Im really a Midwesterner. We dont move; we just suffer. My friends know I only function in cities. Put me in the country and I go nuts. But I thank you, anyway.

  3. Ruthe, maybe you should become a snow bunny–move south for the winter. I thought it was a law that easterners moved to Florida after 65. You could put a mobile home on my 25 acres there. There you might not see anyone for days–just a mix of wild and domestic (cows, goats and horses) animals and coveys of wild turkeys–but you could drive the 20 miles or so to doctor’s appointments and never have to climb snowbanks to get the bus. How’s that sound? (I’m just messing with you, Ruthe, it’s a whole different kind of cabin fever.) It’ll be over soon, and then you can just put into your bad memory bucket.

  4. Happy Valentines day dear Ruthe. You are so brave. I’d have called and canceled…..then again, I am a snow wimp. The most I have ever dealt with was a little in Virginia and DC. Hugs…..

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