Snow day 12

It's still snowing. The driveway was cleared, again, this morning. Now it's covered. I'm almost completely out of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sooner or later I have to go shopping, again. The question is always, Do I get out of the driveway and down my street, which has not been cleared. I'm going to school this morning. Maybe I'll stop on the way home and get something, then get the next bus. This is just nuts.

3 thoughts on “Snow day 12

  1. Times like these you should call your friends/family for help.You must be getting really stir crazy by now, no matter how pretty everything probably looks. I remember how black the snow begins to look as it turns to slush, presume this is probably still the case. I have to say one of the reasons we moved from Pittsburgh to Connecticut was the lack of sun during the (to me–florida born) winter. I would get terribly depressed.

  2. If you are actually going out in that stuff, I would feel food first then school. Here there are grocery stores like Von’s which will deliver. Do you have one? Speaketh your lazy reader.

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