Waiting for more snow

Shabat dinner became a sleepover. I let Steve pick me up before dinner because I didn't want to clean my car to go home. I just figured he'd take his out of the garage and take me back. The other guests had to be shoveled out of the driveway so unprepared, without a toothbrush, I slept in the guest room.

Looking out the front door at 11 pm.

Darcy, after a not very successful walk. Note the snowballs on her feet. Her back legs were worse. She likes cold, but not snow.

Robin and I walked back to my house Saturday afternoon. She wouldn't let me go alone, my good daughter.

We were lucky. Those lines haven't come crashing down, yet. Lots of people lost power because of this circumstance.

My neighbor, Gene, spent Saturday and Sunday shoveling out the driveway and the concrete pad behind the garages. He says he liked the exercise. He's a great guy. On Monday, I took the car out of the garage and went to the fitness club, then next door to Trader Joe's. Today I'm staying home again. It just started to snow; we're supposed to get another 3 to 9 (?) inches on top of the 21 we got over the weekend that was supposedly Pittsburgh's fourth heaviest snowfall. I'm glad I never saw the other three, although I remember one in Chicago with 26 inches.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for more snow

  1. The heavy snow made for pretty pictures though. When there was plenty of food in store and no appointments to keep, I always enjoy the cozy feeling being snowed in brings. If the powers on, the tv and the furnace all work, and a good book within reach, it’s heavenly to let everything else go. Sigh!

  2. I’m glad to see that you are ok, and walked home too. 🙂 The internet, books, a cup of tea, and email will have to keep you entertained for a few days. Unless you decide to clean out your drawers or kitchen shelves. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about you.

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