I'm always amazed at how many ways I can find to waste time. Several times on Tuesday I noticed something seemed to be vibrating in my left breast, like a buzzer but without any noise. Weird, huh? It continued occasionally on Wednesday but seemed like nothing terrible. After I got in bed Wednesday night it occurred every couple of minutes and became very annoying. Also, I realized that it was inside my chest, not really in my breast at all. I immediately thought about my pacemaker. It's on my right side, but I know the leads go into my heart on the left. (I have no idea how this works). I remembered my earlier conversation with my doctor and thought about going to the emergency room. Too much trouble.

The next morning I called the doctor's office. They told me to come in and get a halter monitor and wear it for 24 hours. The buzzing stopped this morning, and of course, I felt fine all along. This afternoon I walked to the office, about 2 miles, and returned it. I'm sure they will find nothing. Another occasion when I should have used my better judgment and forgotten about what the doctor said.

2 thoughts on “Digression

  1. No, with my luck, I would need to do what they suggest……just sooner. Maybe next time they can catch the pacemaker burping, buzzing, or what ever it does. Hugs, and I hope they can figure it out.

  2. I hope you’re right, and they find nothing. I never knew so many things could happen with these things. The worrier I am probably would not be as well adjusted about it as you! My hat’s off to you.

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