Pacemaker update

I was sure there was nothing wrong. All my life, whenever I went to a doctor with a complaint there was nothing wrong. I fully expected my buzzing to be in the same category. So, I was shocked when they called me Monday morning and told me they weren't certain but it looked like something was wrong with the pacemaker and I should come to the office this morning. I spent a very uncomfortable two days; being more open to suggestion than I care to admit. I was very tired and couldn't bring myself to walk more than about a mile and a half each day. I blamed it on the dog, who spent another weekend with me and kept me up half the night on Sunday, but I wasn't sure. And I was worried that if it was the pacemaker, I might have to have surgery to replace it.

The pacemaker technician comes with a machine that reads signals from the pacemaker. It's quite amazing; she knows when I've had trouble down to date and time. The pacemaker was good; it was doing its job. My heart was not behaving properly: too many incidents of fast heartbeat. Some of my medications will be changed, or increased. I have to go back for an echo cardiogram, but evidently that's not urgent. They wanted me to come for it on Monday, but agreed to put it off until I return from New York.

I'm finding it very hard to believe I really have heart disease. When I first got the pacemaker the doctor said I could easily live another twenty years and the pacemaker should not make any difference in my life. I chose to believe that, but I'm beginning to wonder.

3 thoughts on “Pacemaker update

  1. I like Stacie’s read on the problem. Hope that’s all it is, but don’t assume anything where the heart’s concerned. I was nagging sick (that means not in bed but not well either) from mid-Febrary until about two weeks ago. Came to find out my hemoglobin was low. After Remicade and getting over the viral and bacterial problems, I bounced back quickly. I knew I was feeling lazy but assumed it was just me. The lesson? You just never know. When in doubt, check it out.

  2. I’m so glad you went. Next time it buzzes, please call the doctor. Yes, I am blindly ignoring stage my pulmonary artery disease. Now that I’ve begun puffing up stairs, I try to climb more stairs instead of being so afraid. I’m trying very hard not to live at the doctor’s offices this year.
    I understand just how you feel. Glad the fix is so simple.

  3. I feel certain all is fine…probably just need to adjust meds….you know, you have been exercising a lot…that is probably good, as it means your heart is stronger and the meds are most likely too much…just my 2 cents….i just put an ad on Craigslist looking for a rental for May/June in Pittsburgh….keep your fingers crossed we can find a good match!

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