Monday morning

The class went well. There is a small description of it at Silver Streakers. Since most of you who read this already have blogs I didn't go into detail about how to start a blog. There are several detailed instruction videos on YouTube if you need to know. I think I scheduled too much content for the first lesson and now I'm thinking the next class, about images, will be even worse. I plan to give instructions for downloading Picasa, but we won't be able to do it on the University's computers. Using Picasa and scanning images will both be lectures with no hands on component. Unless I can find good material online I'll make my own screenshots, then email these instructions to the class and post them at SS.

I have been dogsitting this weekend. My family went to New York where Charna is singing with Hazamir, the same choral group she sang with in Baltimore last year. This time I took Darcy to my place instead of moving in with her. I'm going to return her to her home in about an hour, thank goodness. If I ever entertained the notion of getting a dog, she certainly has cured me. She's a little easier to deal with since she's gotten older, but she's certainly not an obedient dog. I fed her and walked her before 8:30 this morning, but she still wants something from me and I haven't a clue.

4 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. The dog has been to training classes, along with her people, and had her own personal trainer as well. This is one stubborn dog. My daughter did not get her as a pup. She was about 2 1/2, seemingly too old for training to do much good. Fortunately, she’s mellowing as she gets older.Thanks for the info on what works on older computers. I think one of my students has that kind of problem.

  2. You are a very brave person to baby sit a dog that needs training. I’d be more than shell shocked, I think I would pay for training. And kids…..I’m lucky. All my grandkids but two are old style, well trained joys.
    You might mention not getting stressed out about downloading photographs. I used Bloggers download tool this morning clicking on the “Download from Your Computer” box. Of course it didn’t work for some reason. Once I canceled everything and started over with “Download from Website,” everything worked great.
    I use Flickr for the quality, but on my journal sites I use Snapfish for ease of downloading on my antique computer as well as Photobucket. Open Diary….my hive blog, wants us to use Photobucket, and it’s software isn’t fully compatible with my antique. What ever photosite they use has to let the user download either URLs or access URL’s. There are some that won’t.
    Enjoy your dog free days.

  3. Hi Alice,
    It took me only 3 days to get shell shocked from the dog. I can’t imagine taking care of her for a week. Unfortunately, I win her again next weekend, but only for one night. Then maybe I’ll never do it again. I took her home yesterday morning, spent a couple of hours in school, then kept looking for her (not in a good way; I almost stepped on her at one point) when I got home. I was very happy to be alone again. I’m glad you survived the grandchildren. They do get easier as they get older.

  4. Hi Ruthe. Hubby and I babysat the whole of last week, until Saturday morning, our two grandchildren and the dog. We camped out at their house thinking the kids would be more comfortable in their own surroundings and took advantage of the week to have the carpets in our house professionally cleaned. Taking care of them for a whole week quickly cures all need to acquire a pet, or children, as you pointed out. That was the longest week I’ve spent in a long time. Children today just aren’t like the ones we had, and are best enjoyed under Mom & Dad’s jurisdiction and kept at arm’s length. Needless to say, I’m enjoying my freedom this week even if I’m not getting anything done. I’m slightly shell shocked I think.

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