I don’t want to forget

Sixty three years ago today we dropped the first atomic bomb. It is an anniversary commemorated each year in Hiroshima, but never here in the United States. We have never been able to acknowledge how much destruction we have brought into the world. We continue to believe we are on the side of the angels, and the world grows more dangerous every day. Keep in mind, our government thinks we need more nukes. Read about the ceremony in Japan here. The Teheran Times published the complete 2008 Peace Declaration.

2 thoughts on “I don’t want to forget

  1. One gentleman who was involved in the early days of atomic testing commented in my writing class that the current generation has not seen an atomic bomb go off. He’s right. How can they be afraid of it if they have never seen the distruction it creates.
    House: What if the two ladies want two bedrooms? I would worry about the mail too. We are looking forward to traveling with you.

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