Getting ready

In one week the two women who want to sublet my apartment will be here. I've been busy emptying drawers and closets, making decisions about what I will need for the next four months–a New York trip, Chicago trip, China and Japan, summer, fall and winter, and what I just don't want to leave around. I have a storage room in the basement where some of the stuff is going, but I'm putting most of it in my second bedroom and putting a lock on the door. It's not as bad as moving but requires a lot more planning.

The success of this project requires lots of help from people around me. My daughter and son-in-law had to agree to take some of my stuff and to let me stay with them in between trips. My upstairs neighbor has agreed to keep an eye on my mail. I'll be out of the apartment too long to have the post office hold it and having it sent to Robin's looks like it could be a big mistake. My landlord is helping me and cooperating fully. He has always been wonderful, one of the joys of living in this apartment. I'm very grateful to this community of mine who are helping make the trip possible.

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