Too many clothes

It's not that I love clothes so much. In fact, I stopped loving them when the scale crept jumped beyond 145 pounds. Getting the apartment ready for the sublet has forced me to look at everything: the shirts that drifted to the bottom of the drawer because I was a few pounds heavier the last time I wore them and I didn't like that so I never tried them again; the stuff I loved but actually outgrew; the fancier stuff I wore once then forgot about and thought I had to buy another closet outfit for that next rare occasion; the stuff I got bored with because it's 20 years old and won't wear out.

I'm really shocked at how much stuff I have. And I always buy the same thing; I'm certainly not a fashionista. I don't want to count how many brown and black slacks I have. Shirts? I have red, white, black, purple and a few blue. They all look alike and I keep buying more of the same. I wanted to get more beige, but that's not this year's color. I never buy green. I had olive skin when I was younger and it made me look even greener. My skin color has faded along with my hair, but I still don't want to wear green.

I have sorted the stuff into plastic bags: stuff for Goodwill; weight-related stuff (how's that for political correctness) that I might be able to wear when I return from Asia–I lost weight on the last trip, maybe I will lose even more; stuff I may want to wear in the next six months–that's the toughest category and really includes what I want to pack for trips and what else I might want. I find it very hard to select winter clothes when it's 80 degrees out. Today is cooler; maybe I'll get it all done. And NO MORE SHOPPING.

2 thoughts on “Too many clothes

  1. Oh yes, I so understand. You make me laugh….some greens here. A dash of yellow. Browns, now navy blue, and all that black that I am slowly but surely getting rid of. Ah, but when I pay a hundred some bucks for a pair of pants,…..twenty years ago, oh I don’t want to let them go even if I don’t wear them. I’m smiling and very pround of you. 🙂

  2. You sound so like me when I’m going through my clothes closet, which I’ve done a lot of lately because now my weight has begun to creep up dangerously close to 145! The most consistently worn and loved fashion pieces of mine have always been my Indian kurtas and whether they are in or not, they have been my fashion mainstays. I used to wear my silk, gold-threaded sarees to formal and other dressy occasions, but since Pasu has rid himself of his suits and cares not a whit for clothing, I tend to dress more and more casually, too. Otherwise I look like the pale skin memsahib American who spends all the money on herself while the Indian goes without. Good luck with the packing; I hate deciding these things too!

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