Sunday Sunshine

Here are some photos from our visit to the Three Rivers Festival on Sunday. After we looked at most of the artists wares we walked out to Point Park. Eli has been customizing his shorts by drawing pictures on them. Here Charna is helping him by drawing on the back of the shorts.

She's so good. She just drew three little pictures. If he was my brother, I might have thought of lots of nasty things to draw or write.
Here is Eli doing handstands.

These kids were looking for votes at to win college scholarships.

Their outfits are made of duck tape. The website has lots of pictures of prom outfits made of duck tape. If you'd like to vote for them, they are entry No. 4115.

I was still having trouble with the heat and humidity on Sunday and to some extent yesterday. I seem to have trouble breathing when it's humid out. Today is cool and dry and I'm feeling good.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine

  1. The heat does that to me too. Yes, I did pretty well in the water aerobics yesterday. Most of me feels vastly improved this morning. I came home from class very hungry and cold….and couldn’t get warm again until almost two in the afternoon. I have to find a new way of doing things after class. Thanks so much for the note.

  2. LOL…I have a brother and I WOULD have written nasty things on his shorts…STILL, to this day, I would….
    I have been having trouble breathing too…humidity and pollen…I think the pollen this year is worse then most…I rode my bike today for about a block uphill and was worried about having a heart attack…I am pathetically out of shape…have to remedy that, though….take care…

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