Another healthcare rant

It's been three weeks since I got out of the hospital. I have received two different survey forms to fill out, one telephone survey and two cards, one get-well, one thank you, from my healthcare "concierge." What I want to see is my EOB–Explanation of Benefits–the paperwork you get from Medicare letting you know what the "provider" is charging, what they are actually allowed to charge and what my co-pay will be. Until now I've never come close to my "out of pocket" maximum. I suspect this year will be the first time.

When people, usually Republican people, write about Medicare, or Medicare-like healthcare, the complaint is always made that we don't pay attention to those bills or how much we spend on medical care. I pay close attention to those bills, when I get them. It would be helpful if they came promptly and also if they clearly identified what service was provided. My hospital stay was OK. I am grateful they were able to make a diagnosis quickly and do what needed to be done. Now I'd like to know what all of this costs.

BTW, how do you like the way I've deal with all that jargon?

One more thing: those EOB's do not come from the government. Mine come from one of those private medicare advantage insurance companies.

5 thoughts on “Another healthcare rant

  1. Yes, a two mile round trip with a waggon would be a bit much. And too, I got an EOB about my dental insurance, and find it’s almost run out with one filling and two crowns. Whooooops.

  2. Thanks Stacie, for your great comment. I got the EOB last night, after I wrote the post. It’s amazing–as soon as I get some explanation from the insurance company I’ll do another post about it. Right now I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Yep…I have the jargon down! My father recently went on Medicare and the confusion of what the government does in addition to the private Medicare advantage companies was making my head spin when he was trying to explain it. As you know, I am not one to want to nationalize away every problem, but health care has gotten to be a huge mess. If we do get nationalized healthcare, what measures can we take to make sure it works smoothly too? As far as I can tell, there may be a handful of reps that are worth their salt in congress, but you know who the people are that really scare me regarding this? It is the people that have been working in government regardless of who is in office. Most folks that I know that work for the government in decision-making administrative and managerial roles are people that I would not hire to groom my dog. That is what I am concerned about…not everyone, of course, but the work culture at governmental institutions at all levels is not with the ‘customer’ in mind like what privately run companies ‘USED’ to be like in our country. Because of this shift in accountability and having the ‘greater good’ and most efficient way of doing things beaten out of most people’s work ethic, I shudder now at what this country’s future is…Moving the processing of services to an even bleaker, less efficient work culture does not seem like a better alternative. I consider myself an Independent. I can’t count on either party’s platform to change anything…they have merged into a viscous glob in my eyes….great post and it helps me to understand the ‘real’ problems that gets glossed over in the media.

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