This week

It is almost two weeks since all of my bandages and bits of tape have been removed and I have showered every day, but I'm still finding adhesive on my body. It's finally showing up as dirty and I'm having to pick it off. I wonder if there's some on my back I can't see, where they fastened those electrodes.

I've been following an exercise schedule–working on my leg exercises and walking again. I've taken two walks with Mary and Phyllis, but not going all the way. There's a shady bench about two-thirds of the way down the path where I sat and waited for them. It's supposed to be cooler next week so I'll try going the distance the next time I walk. I'm alternating walks and exercises.

Eli came home on Thursday and Renee is here for the weekend. We spent much of yesterday afternoon waiting for the rain to end so we could go to the Three Rivers Festival. Finally went down to the Strip and got to a few places before they closed. We drove toward the Festival watching an ominous gray cloud to the north, then went over to the North Side to the Moxie Dada gallery. Eli recommended we go there. It's a great place–an old firehouse turned into artists studios, mostly ceramists. There was a wonderful covered jar for sale–beautifully made with a perfectly fitting cover. More money than I could afford, but I loved looking at it. Across the street are two wonderfully painted and decorated houses–someone's personal art project. One day I'll go back and photograph them; too much rain yesterday.

In the evening, Eli, Renee and I went over to Construction Junction to a kind of cabaret run by the Pillow Project, a local dance group. The dancers and musicians were wonderful. I'm told they are students, graduates or somehow associated with Point Park University. I was very impressed. This is obviously a young persons activity; we were far and away the oldest people there, but they made us feel welcome. I'd like to go back again.

1 thought on “This week

  1. You sound wonderful. Yes, I bet there are little bits of tape back there….maybe just stickem. I’m just glad you can do the exercises and get out to walk again even if just a bit.

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