This is exercise?

Today’s substitute for exercise was walking around The Waterfront, a large shopping mall built on the site of the Homestead steel mill. I don’t really like shopping, except for food and then only sometimes, but I’ve been accumulating a wish list for the last month or so. What finally pushed me over the edge was the need for paper to print out the picture pages of the book.

I wasn’t happy with the photographs I was printing on my "special" paper the other night, so I printed only the black and white pages. Yesterday, after a stint at the health club, I stopped nearby at Staples. Their stock needs restocking. My first stop today was Office Depot, where I bought some Epson Premium Presentation Paper. I hope that will work. I did not want photo paper; it’s too heavy and you can’t use both sides. I found some online that says you can use both sides, but it costs more than a dollar a sheet. This book is not so precious. The Epson paper says it is "Matte Double-Sided" and has "vibrant images and crisp, sharp text." I intend to find out in a few minutes.

Back to shopping: I went to Michael’s, just for fun; Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Target, where I did not buy the one-person size, indoor grill, because they didn’t have it; Dick’s Sporting Goods, where I did not buy the sports bra I’m still looking for; and finally Giant Eagle for $50 worth of fruit, veggies and assorted cleaning supplies. Now I’ll get back to work on the book with the grill and the sports bra still on my mental list.

2 thoughts on “This is exercise?

  1. The photos printed out better than on regular paper but not as well as I would have liked. Greens and oranges are too light. This is a common printing problem that could be fixed with a printer that uses 6 colors of ink. Until I find a rich sugar daddy, it’s not going to happen.

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