Book update

I am almost finished laying out the book: 143 pages. I added some extra pictures and all of the pertinent emails and chats I had in Japan. I want to check out all of the pages; add a few more pictures in some of the blank spaces; add an afterword that I will also post on the website; then print out the whole thing. Then comes the fun part: binding. I bought a small plastic bag filled with tiny fabric scraps at the flea market in Kyoto. I plan to use some of those fabrics with handmade paper I bought at Itoya in Tokyo. I’ll post pictures when I’m finished.

4 thoughts on “Book update

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is ONE book that you’re making for yourself, right? I think it’s a fabulous idea, of course, and I know it’ll make a beautiful book. The problem is, I WANTA SEE IT! WAHHHHH. If I get to Pittsburgh sometime in the year(s) ahead and you’re still there, we can meet for coffee or tea and you’ll share with me, right?

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