I need help!

I made a big mistake when I decided to call this blog fat old artist. My friends don’t like it because they say I’m not fat or old, but that’s not true. I am fat, obese by government standards; enough said. I am old, 73 years old, to be exact. Sometimes I wonder if I’m still an artist, but no one else seems to question it.

I think the name is a mistake because most of the searches that find the blog are for fat or old, and they are looking for horrid stuff; very few are for art or artist. I don’t think I write about fat or old very often. In fact, this post says more about those topics than I’ve ever said in two and a half years of blogging. So, I’m looking for a new name. I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I’m not happy with anything I’ve come up with. Any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “I need help!

  1. I agree, your blog needs a new name. I wonder how you do that? I have learned in life that you are what you think, so find a name that will make you happy when you read it. I love your blog and I am always glad when tpyepad features such blogs. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures with us. Rowena Tank, Prescott, Arizona

  2. Yes, I agree, but I have been thinking Not at all usefully. Perhaps art first, perhaps artist in Latin? I was thinking for a while of Carpe Diem, but it’s been taken several times. You are not old in spirit, you travel and share it wonderfully, you are an artist, and you do and are so much more than that too. I’m left with dithers.

  3. Fat old Artist was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but as far as I know only you and one other person, Ronni Bennett, got it. I like Time Traveler, but I suspect it’s used already. One of my Israeli friends suggested Wondering Jew in Pittsburgh. I like it, but I suspect it has some of the same drawbacks as fat old artist.

  4. Hi Ruthe, I love Alice’s blog name, Wintersong, but Swansong is a bit too tongue in cheek. Rambles and Rants is too long. How about Time Traveler? Your blog has taken us to 19th century Europe, twentieth century Chicago and Israel, and ancient and modern Japan. I just know this is only the beginning of where you will take us next — space, perhaps.
    Your vicarious friend, Grace

  5. Oh Ruthe! It’s me again. Now you’ve got me started! My subconscious keeps shouting things in my ear: Since you’re a photographer and the beautiful photos are so prime here, how about ViewFromHere or something of that nature, ThisSideO’theHill…you get my drift. I’m sorry I have to go because my head is throbbing! : D
    I know you’ll find something great.

  6. I agree that you’re neither fat nor old! As I sat here wracking my brain, I heard a voice singing inside my head (that happens to me sometimes) and you know who it was? Debbie Reynolds singing that song from MOLLY BROWN, “ain’t down yet.” Maybe that’s not it, either, but “belly up to the bar, boys” would probably attract a decidedly different crowd! Take your time (I had the same problem when I started a year ago, calling my blog AliceWonders. I knew it wasn’t right, and one day the right name just appeared to me out of the blue, and I knew it was right: Wintersong!
    Good luck!

  7. Great! I dislike this name for you for all sorts of reasons…
    You are a great trekker…
    You are constantly learning cool stuff…
    Book writer…
    an Artist…
    You have really beautiful hair….(one reason that I am letting my silver shine on..)
    I will ponder on this some more…

  8. How about–Skinny Young Anthropologist–would draw inh a new crowd of weirdos anyway,
    I like:
    “TRAPSIN’WOMAN”. or “Peeking Over My Shoulder”. Naww. they would only be looking for your boobs. You deserve better than fat-old-artist for a handle.
    I’ll keep thinking.

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