Yesterday was one of those dark, gray Pittsburgh days and I let it get to me. I went out briefly to run an errand for Robin, added more photos to the Flickr account, had several long phone conversations, never gave a thought to exercise, and mostly, did much of nothing. By 10 pm I couldn’t keep my eyes open, still jet-lagged, I think, and was asleep within minutes. At 5:30, I was already awake. I don’t want to get up so early. It’s still dark out.

It will be better today, I hope. Phyllis and I will go walking before nine; always a good way to start the day. I promise to do more work on the photos, and I have a few more posts on Japan in my head and started on the computer.

Tomorrow we are going to the East Coast for the holiday. For the last few years we have celebrated Thanksgiving with good friends from New Jersey who are vegetarians. Since the turkey was always my least favorite part of Thanksgiving, I really enjoy these dinners. Last year they came to us; this year we are all going there. Eli will fly in from Chicago and meet us at the airport. I will spend the remainder of the weekend in New York with Renee. I’m not sure I’m ready to go back to an airport, but I’m sure it will be good once we arrive.

2 thoughts on “Qvetch

  1. We have paid a wanton five bucks to have turkey dinner with our friend Duck at his nursing home. So far it all looks good, and I can always ignore what I don’t like in favor of Duck and my George.
    You have fun.

  2. I admit I have mixed feelings about all the turkey slaughter for a gluttonous holiday; I envy your vegetarian version. Maybe you could share your menu sometime. Have a great holiday!

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