Still working on Japan

I started uploading pictures to a Flickr account. My first group are from the tori no ichi celebration I went to in Tokyo. You can see it here.

The celebration is held to insure prosperity for businesses on
rooster days in November. Vendors at the temple sell bamboo rakes to
help rake in the money. When they make a substantial sale they clap and
chant. See video here.

4 thoughts on “Still working on Japan

  1. That’s where I got it from. I love them, also. Just wish they would show us the additional episodes I know were made. I saw one in London several years ago.

  2. These small blurbs and links are good solutions to posting your images. I’m still inputting while thinking there has to be a better way to handle all the images.
    Yes, imagine, 10 pounds. I haven’t dared get on the scales. Yes, exercise begins today, I call and see if I am still employed, and the laundry begins it’s trek down two flights.

  3. Good on you for exercising for an hour and a half…and for losing the 10 pounds…
    I love to walk…I obviously need to do more of it…I think you have said just the right thing to get me motivated…

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