Six or Seven Miles Today

I made up for my lack of exercise yesterday. This
morning as I prepared to walk with Phyllis I foolishly decided to leave
my camera at home. I almost always have it with me; it’s no bother to
carry it. But Monday when we walked there didn’t seem to be anything
interesting. I thought today would be the same. As soon as I went
around the corner I knew I had made a mistake. Then, all during the
walk we found wonderful images. I guess the light was better this
morning. It was very warm and much brighter. The sun actually appeared
this afternoon.

I decided to go back again; it wouldn’t look the same
next week when I got back from New York. First I had to do another
errand, then lunch. I had already walked about four miles; another
three wouldn’t hurt.

I began by walking around the corner to photograph this vine growing on a post.


I think it was better in the morning; probably had
more leaves. Then I got into the car and drove to Frick Park, not my
usual practice, but I didn’t want to be totally wiped out

This is the beginning of my walk.


Most of the trees are bare, but a few really stand out.


Some things show up much better when there aren’t so many leaves.


Then again, some things are better hidden.
This massive house is barely noticeable in summer; now it looms
monstrously. One could wish for better zoning laws or enforcement.


morning I noticed a branch with some wonderful, delicate fungi. I
continued walking almost to the end of the trail to find it.


I found this log with a beautiful growth on it. I wish I knew more about these things. 


Here is one last tree to show you. I suspect it is the
last beautiful tree of this autumn. I wish I could make a portrait of
every tree.


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