Sunday update

I have added a slide show about the markets at Toji Temple in Kyoto and some other new pictures to Japan on My Mind. Mostly I’ve spent the last few days exercising and wrestling with ideas for dealing with all the material I’ve accumulated. It’s hard to get back in the groove after so much time away.

1 thought on “Sunday update

  1. Quoting myself, “How good to know you made it home and are recovering. I too am having all the same after effects from my only nine day trip. “He” took over 800 pictures…..I took less but am perfectly willing to canabalize his. :)” At some point this week, I will be able to let this stuff filter through into some recognizable form.
    I just need to walk. We ate deserts on this last trip, and instead of staying here and working on pictures, I need to get out there and walk too.
    So good to see you.

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