This is spring break

It seems pretty funny to me now that I’m retired, that my days are structured by attendance at school. But that is the organizing principle of my life now. Since I am on a holiday from school I’ve decided to go away for a few days to Kentucky to visit an old friend from Chicago. She is showing her artwork at Georgetown College: I have to go and see it. You can read about it here. She has obviously been very busy with her artwork. I wish I could say the same.

Raja and I have been friends for many years. We have taken many art classes together, driven across the country, lived on a ferry in Alaska, and watched polar bears in Churchill. Now I’m looking forward to seeing her in Kentucky. Raja inspired me to start blogging and the woman who inspired her will also be visiting so we’ll have a blog meet-up.

1 thought on “This is spring break

  1. Oh do have a wonderful time on your Spring Break! Hubby and I are going to the beach and on into Great Smokey Mountain area for a week also! Thanks for the link too! Can’t wait t hear about your trip.

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