More blog talk

My blog talk was OK. I had a great turnout; standing room only. But I was disappointed by the small number of questions. Somehow I don’t think I inspired anyone to start a blog.

I began the presentation by asking questions: first if anyone had a blog; if they knew what a blog was; where the name came from. After answering questions I referred them to Wikipedia for more info. I talked about privacy issues, which seems to be a big concern; several blog hosts (only those I had some experience with); and finished by showing them features of this blog and a how-to:

Decide what your blog is about.
Create a name for it.
Decide on the name you will use. Do you want to be anonymous, or not?
Select the host, and follow directions.

I also created a handout with some basic information and a few blogs they might find interesting. I’d like to start a group blog. I made the suggestion; now I have to wait and see what happens.

1 thought on “More blog talk

  1. Oh, I bet a lot more of it sunk in then you think. Maybe there weren’t a lot of questions because you covered it all. Great job!

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