Book binding

I’m going to the Tai Chi class this morning then leaving for Kentucky. I’ve spent the last few days getting ready to bind a paper copy of my Charna Rieger book. I decided to print an image on fabric. Although you can buy pieces of various fabrics that have a stiff backing so you can put them through an ink-jet printer, I decided to make my own. I ironed freezer paper on the back of a piece of some kind of synthetic stuff (I have boxes of fabric from when I did a lot of sewing), but it didn’t work. I tried again with some muslin, or it might have been an old sheet I had dyed beige, and I’m very happy with the result. I will glue or sew the picture on to another piece of fabric that will go over the cover board. When I finish I’ll post a photo. For now, this is the design, printed on a light beige background. Charnacover

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