April 14

Began this beautiful, sunny day going to a crafts market that wasn’t very interesting, but was in an area I had never visited: Gion Corner. It’s very touristy with lots of women, supposedly geisha in training called maiko, walking around.

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Proceeding to Yasaka Shrine, another first-time visit, and saw a wedding ceremony and lots of things for sale, food, souvenirs, amulets and more food. Next to the shrine Maruyama Park was filled with family picnics and pigeons.

Not having had lunch, and by now hungry, I went back to Nishiki Market determined to try some street food. I wanted something on a stick but found most of it to be meat. I stopped to watch Takoyaki being made and a Japanese man who spoke perfect English told me about it and encouraged me to try it, so I did. There is a video about making it here. I was fascinated by the movements used to create a round ball.

Walking around the market I found spinach salad with sesame seeds, cooked green soybeans, cooked pumpkin and more of the inari sushi, rice wrapped in tofu skin. Then I added tomatoes, bananas and strawberries from the supermarket and had a vegan dinner and enough left over for breakfast.

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  1. What a colorful day that must have been! The wedding, the geishas in training, even the food sounds wonderful.

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