April 13: Shosei-en

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Shosei-en never appeared in any of the garden lists; I just happened to notice it on the map. It was great–another favorite.This is a stroll garden with several tea houses, a large pond and a waterfall. Originally constructed as a retreat for the chief priest of one of the two large temples in downtown Kyoto it was peaceful and wonderful and I loved it.

After I spent my time in the garden I went over to the museum where I had seen the wonderful show last Saturday when it rained. I wanted the catalog but didn’t want to carry it in the rain. I think it weighs more than 5 pounds and I didn’t think I could cope with it, the umbrella and the wind. In the bright sunshine I bought the catalog and got it back to the hotel with no trouble.

1 thought on “April 13: Shosei-en

  1. Ruthe, I’m not commenting, and will not for a while, because Andy and I are in the middle of moving to North Carolina. But, we are enjoying our vicarious adventures with you all the while. I wish you continued good gardening!

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