Six more days organized

Korakuen, in Okayama

Korakuen, in Okayama

The January thaw ended yesterday without the promised rain or snow. Yesterday and today are more nearly normal; temps in the 30’s, but very pleasant. I’m enjoying walking.

Back to travel plans: I leave Atami by train, using my 21 day railpass, and going to Okayama where I have booked a hotel for three nights. My primary destination will be Korakuen, one of the top three and a garden I visited in 2008 and didn’t love. Maybe spring will be better. Okayama is on the Seto Inland Sea where several islands have become major contemporary art destinations. I plan to go to the art house project and  Benesse House on Naoshima, Inujima Island and an art festival on these islands, which were originally industrial sites that have been recycled.

From Okayama I will go to Fukuoka on the other large island, Kyushu, where there are several interesting destinations. Haven’t booked a hotel yet, so that’s next.

4 thoughts on “Six more days organized

  1. I had a chance to follow the link to the Art Houses. What a fascinating idea this is. I would really like to go see them, and also I wonder why they were abandoned in the first place.

    • Japan’s population is aging and continues to grow smaller. Unfortunately that means lots of places are abandoned.

      On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:40 PM, Studio Ruthe

  2. This is all really exciting. Here we were 2 degrees warmer leaving me with wanderllust and no more warmth. What are the temps in Japan when you will be there?

    • I’ve been tracking temps in several cities in Japan. They are definitely warmer than Pittsburgh. Spring is supposed to be coming before I get there. I read that plum blossoms show up at the end of February and cherry blossoms about a month later. These days, it’s only a guess. Originally I thought I would go toward the end of March, but I was told by my professor to go earlier. In any case the gardens should look different than when I saw them in Fall.

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Studio Ruthe

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