January thaw

Nine mile run, January thaw

Nine mile run, January thaw

With the temperature in the 60’s today I was drawn back to Nine Mile Run. I was hoping to take a good long walk but there was still lots of snow on the trail so I didn’t go further than the wooden path. I am still cautious about falling; even with my walking stick I didn’t feel secure.

IMG_3758Mostly I went to take pictures. When I posted the picture that appears in my new year post I remembered I had taken one more that seems to have disappeared. Looking at the previous day’s pictures I knew some of them were missing also. I don’t know whether I did something wrong (always a possibility), the camera wasn’t working right, or something was wrong with the memory card. The only thing I can check is the memory card, so I bought a new one and that’s what I am using. I plan to take many more pictures in the next few weeks. I don’t want to find out I’ve lost any of my Japanese photos.

2 thoughts on “January thaw

  1. What a nice walk–except for the mud of course. I love walking near water and hearing the wind whip through the trees. Unfortunately when it thaws and snows and freezes here I can hardly walk down the driveway without slipping! And I thought Pittsburgh was hilly!

  2. I had the same problem, and I ended up having to drag and drop directly from the source to make it work. Windows 7 was the problem. Love that last one….like a nest of ice.

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