The best laid plans

Fig. 5 Abbot’s Garden at Nanzen-ji

Abbot’s Garden at Nanzen-ji

Detailed planning will be important for Kyushu, Kyoto and getting out of Tokyo. I want to go to Hakone and Atami, just outside of Tokyo, near each other and probably good for one and a half days. As I mentioned last time, I couldn’t decide about making day trips from Tokyo or going on. Tonight I did it. I booked a hotel in Atami for 2 nights. When I arrive I plan to go to  MOA, Atami’s famous museum of art, then spend the second day in Hakone, where I want to see the open air museum, take the train ride and hope for views of Mt. Fuji. I’ve never been to either place so I can’t show pictures now.

From my previous trip:

Then Fuji appeared, gloriously, on the left. A ring of gray clouds partially encircled it just below the snow level, in an otherwise blue sky. This time other people in the car reacted, taking pictures, moving to better viewing positions. I was content just to look. No photograph will ever do it for me.

Next stop: Okayama or Hiroshima

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