Traveling month

I am still going to a contact lens specialist in New York. When I moved to Pittsburgh I tried to replace all of my medical contacts, but the contact lens person in Pittsburgh wanted to fit me with very expensive, less comfortable, no improvement in vision lenses, so it was a good excuse to insure a yearly visit to New York. Not that I need much excuse.

For reasons I no longer remember I decided to fly this time, costing me easily three times as much as Megabus. I carefully prepared for the security inspection. To my great joy there were signs announcing that if you were born before 1937, you would not have to remove your shoes or light jacket. Joy did not last. They made me go back and remove my shoes and very small silver earrings. Going back I’ll try removing the earrings and the hearing aids and see if the shoes set it off. What a pain.

I’ll be here almost two weeks. I have two appointments with my doctor, one date with a friend, at least three more dates to be arranged and five museums and the Center for Book Arts. Should be a good time.

I will return to Pittsburgh for one week then off to Chicago and Door County. A great month.

3 thoughts on “Traveling month

  1. Flying is such a pain! Think of all those who never knew (relatively) unhampered flying, as we did, way back in the good ol’ days, huh? Getting away for a few days getting reacquainted with your favorite places is a good thing, however. (We just got back from Florida where it was unbearably humid but so enjoyable.)

  2. Wow! Quite an itinerary! Have a great time. Gigi and her husband have purchased an apartment in NYC (Battery City). Maybe this year we can meet up. Stranger things have happened. Love, Grace

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