New York first week

Can’t believe I’ve been here a week already. Yesterday was the day I came for; the first of two visits to my contact lens practitioner. I have problems with my vision. I had a series of appointments with a specialist in Pittsburgh who ultimately did nothing for me. An hour and a half with my wonderful New York doctor and I think I’m on the right road. I go back to her tomorrow.

So, Mage, I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing. I arrived last Wednesday to a hot, humid, rain-soaked day and did much of nothing. Renee made dinner for us and our only activity was to go for a walk after dinner when the rain stopped.

On Thursday we went to the Asia Society and saw the work of two Chinese artists, one very modern, the other contemporary over a lifespan of ninety years. The real hit of the exhibits was work by grade school children inspired by a previous show.

Renee was supposed to go on  a trip, leaving on Friday. She canceled the trip because her brother was having surgery on Thursday. After a great lunch and some partially productive shopping she went to the hospital and I came back to the apartment with my purchases, rested briefly and then went to the hospital to sit with J while the surgery was happening.

Friday I got to the Whitney about eleven and found out it didn’t open until one. I walked over to the Met and saw a wonderful show about Japanese Rinpa art.  From there I took a badly needed long bus ride down Fifth Ave. to the Center for Book Arts. This is the place that makes me want to cry because I don’t live here. I think I would spend all my time there. I will write much more about it later. It gave me lots to think about.

Here is a photo from Sunday’s street fair. I’ll finish the week in my next post.



1 thought on “New York first week

  1. There’s a hardly a dull moment on an adventure in NY…you’re liable to encounter most anything! Fun. Hubby would move there in a heartbeat…if he could.

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